The cemetery and the crypt

Trani’s Jewish sepulchral area was situated outside the city’s wall; it bordered on the way to the Dominical...


Jews and neophytes in Trani

In the first half of the 11th century Trani was home to a large Jewish community. Various sources lead as to...


From synagogues to churches

When at the end of 13th century the majority of the Jews converted to Christianity the synagogues in Trani were...


The ‘sinagoga grande’ (large synagogue)

“… with a high and magnificent cupola and a window open to the light”. Trani’s synagogue is descibed in...


‘scola nova’ synagogue

The “Scola Nova” was built in the tipycal Romanesque style – the Apulian version, to be precise. It has a...


Synagogues in Trani

The cities of the Jewish diaspora are often situated close to the city’s boundary walls, in proximity to...

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