The Museum

The new section of Trani’s Diocesan Museum is dedicated to Jewish Art. It is situated in a unique site which was both a synagogue and a church.
Its architectural and religious history spans from the middle ages to the nineteenth century.
The museum includes various archeological findings of the Jewish history of the town and a variety of archival documents (Medieval privileges, Royal and Episcopal licenses).
The didactic and descriptive material collected by the researchers and the museum director plays an important role in the exhibition.
Such material includes work which is exhibited in the museum as well as objects found in other Jewish Art Museums. It also includes the history of the church/synagogue and the connection it had with other medieval synagogues, and as well as the history of the Jews in Trani and in Southern Italy.
Jewish Section of the
Diocesan Museum of Trani-Barletta-Bisceglie

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